Stephanie Synclair

I am a CEO, best selling author & oh yeah, I communicate with the dead

Meet Stephanie

CEO of international consulting firm, Stephanie finally embraced and started working in her gift as a Spirit Medium in 2017 after realizing that though she wasn't completely living out her true purpose. During her years as a business consultant, she used her psychic ability to lead her clients to the best marketing & client acquisitions available to them. This ability gave here and her consulting company, House of Icons™ the heads up in the industry. 

Meet Stephanie Continued

Stephanie does not offer private reading but will be hosting intimate group readings throughout 2018.  She now balances her energy between her consulting company and helping people heal from the loss of their loved ones through live in person readings across the country.

Stephanie currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with her pre-teen son. 

Dinner with Spirits™: The LIVE Event

At this exclusive event, you'll have dinner & spirits followed by a connection with you with your loved ones who have crossed over. There is just something magical about hearing information from the other side that no one other than you and your loved ones would know. There is real healing and comfort in that. GET ON THE WAIT LIST FOR THE EVENT BELOW. Please enter your information and you'll be the first notified when those tickets open.

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